SAR-Based Ice Thickness Charts

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Most recent (full resolution)

Radarsat-2 charts

16.05.2017 04:54:01
14.05.2017 15:43:08
13.05.2017 16:12:01
13.05.2017 04:41:29
12.05.2017 05:10:43

Other instruments

Old Radarsat-1 charts

Old Envisat ASAR charts


We provide ice thickness animations over the northern Baltic sea for the whole winter. (not updated daily!).

2013 using Radarsat-2 data
2012, Envisat ASAR and RS-2 2011, all data

2010 using all data
2009 using all data

2008 with Radarsat-1 data
2008 with Envisat ASAR data

2006-2007 with Radarsat-1 data

2005-2006 with Radarsat-1 data
2005-2006 with Envisat ASAR data

Ice thickness based on the most recent SAR data

Ice thickness chart Colorbar

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