FMI Sea Ice Products

Welcome to the Finnish Meteorological Institute's sea ice product site! This page is dedicated for products that do not appear on FMI's primary website for ice conditions. Some of these products are experimental, while others were the results of past projects.

FMI Cryosat-2 product page for Arctic sea ice remote sensing.

Last updated: April 23 2017 08:02:59.

Ice Thickness Charts are operationally produced when a SAR image has been received, using the latest available ice chart as an input. The algorithm, which combines SAR data and ground truth, provides ice thickness information in 500 m resolution. The products are provided operationally and are available for users shortly after the SAR data is available.

Last updated: April 22 2017 08:28:39.

Ice Forecasts are published daily around 7:00 UTC. The forecasts cover the area of the northern Baltic Sea with spatial resolution of one nautical mile, and range over two days in three-hour steps. For the 54th forecast the model is forced with atmospheric model data from HIRLAM. Ice parameters are based on products made from satellite data. You could also visit SMHI's Polar View product site for 10 day ice forecasts.

Last updated: April 23 2017 06:41:27.